District 1 needs a principled and responsible Commissioner: one who sees the importance of a balanced budget, the wisdom of the Land Use Plan and who values the voice of the community. I hope you’ll put your trust in me.”


Is a fiscal conservative who understands the importance of a balanced budget

Fights for the rights of existing homeowners and against overdevelopment

Is a substitute teacher and former PTSA president

Understands business after years employed as a public relations specialist

Understands the importance of our natural resources and wide open spaces

West Cobb is smart.

We are a community of hard-working, intelligent people who know that responsible planning and management of a budget is fundamental to a strong future. When your tax bill comes in the mail, you have a right to expect transparency and responsible utilization of your money.

West Cobb is unique.

West Cobb is known for its wide-open spaces and large lots. Developers see this land as a golden profit opportunity. The County’s Land Use Plan (LUP) has very specific language that recognizes the unique character of West Cobb; however, in four years, we have seen rapid development, often in violation of the LUP. When purchasing your home, you should have a level of predictability in the LUP. West Cobb needs to have a Commissioner we can trust to follow the Plan—not just as a guide—but as a standard.

West Cobb is growing.

West Cobb has seen tremendous growth, yet little has been done to address our traffic issues. We need a leader to work with Georgia DOT to mitigate backups at major West Cobb intersections. We also need to consider traffic impact whenever rezoning is proposed. We need a Commissioner who plans before developers build.

West Cobb is family.

As West Cobb grows, so does the demand on our schools as well as our need for services. Development has a direct impact on the school system. While the County and the School District are separate entities, creating a synergy between the two serves the entire community.

West Cobb has seen growth in senior housing. There is a need: as our community ages, we must ensure there is a balance of housing types for the senior community and family neighborhoods, while not allowing developers to use the RSL code (the Senior Living code) as a density grab.

As we grow, we also need to prioritize and deliver exceptional public safety, libraries, senior centers and other services to meet the needs of our growing community while staying within a fiscally sound budget.

What are Melissa’s priorities for

District 1?

A balanced budget.
Protect property values by following the Land Use Plan.
A balance between family neighborhoods and age-restricted senior living communities.
A synergy between Cobb’s schools and our government.
SPLOST reform to ensure tax dollars are spent wisely.
Planned growth that reflects our traffic concerns

I started a Facebook page—West Cobb Advocate/Preserve West Cobb—to connect and inform our community. I care about the people of District 1. I want to protect your property value, balance the County budget, and ensure responsible growth.

Melissa O’Brien
– Your West Cobb Advocate

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