It’s time to vote out Weatherford by Phil Finkle (source MDJ)

“As a 27-year resident of northwest Cobb, I was intrigued by the report on the District 1 commissioner race.

Seems Bob Weatherford has amassed a small fortune in contributions whereas the other three candidates in the race are running way behind. Why?, I thought, so I checked the 2017 and 2018 reportable contributions. Turned out Weatherford has received $39,300 of which at least $32,650 was from individuals with clearly vested interests in developing west Cobb. Interestingly, each and every contribution was for $1,000 to $2,500 except for three for $250 to $500.

Shealy had a single $100 cash contribution, the balance being a loan. Gambrill had contributions from individuals of $100 to $200, most of which are from those here who are affected by unbridled development. O’Brien, likewise, had only contributions from individuals from $100 to $250. Again, mostly from west Cobb residents who want to protect our community from overzealous development.

Weatherford has in most cases ignored the Land Use Plan which is there to assure homeowners that their areas will not be destroyed by unbridled development.

Clearly, the outside development community wants to see Weatherford re-elected while those of us who live in west Cobb want to be assured our community will be protected. Both Gambrill and O’Brien have voiced strong support to preserve northwest Cobb’s character.

After listening to and reading the candidate positions, I feel that O’Brien is better suited in the role of our commissioner. The lesson here is simply “Who is better prepared to protect northwest Cobb?” Clearly it is not the incumbent Weatherford.

If you value our west Cobb, remember to vote in the GOP primary on May 22 to help oust Weatherford and bring in a responsive commissioner.

Phil Finkle”

(source Marietta Daily Journal – Letter to the Editor –